Thursday, July 28, 2011


This is the email we received from Sophy, assistant to the Director of AIM after we left for the airport. This is a sample of the amazing, humble Christians working hard in Cambodia for God, but also how our service blessed them.

Dear Bayside Team;

It has been a wonderful blessing to be able to serve God with you. For the past two weeks, I have seen your eagerness to serve, to love and to be with us. It is so true that each of you was investing something else apart from material, time and your context back home. Each of you was a part of our Cambodian Heaven Community. By now, each of us may have already realized that you have stolen our heart, and your departure has left us a vision and a hope to make that heaven realm become even more realistic and sustainable.

Culturally, we have been raised with intimidations to help others, to use our ability for the benefit of others, to fix what have been broken and to heal the wounds and sicknesses we have put on ourselves. While individualism and the pursuit for merely worldly comfort is binding us, your team presence has helped us to see how we can untie it. The joy of being together as a community is what we lack or do not have and your presence let us tasted that, and it was good!

Some significant things I have heard, which we are proud of and appreciate include:

Kid’s Club ministry, “the team has been very patient in working with the children; they loved each kids equally; we had a great team work with them”

Computer Ministry, “the computer lessons were very clear and we were given full attention”

The Lord’s Gym, “each man and boy who came to the Lord’s gym felt loved and the joy of learning and the excitement in the competitions have been overwhelming”

The music ministry, “we were given full attention; the trainer was very patient with us; and, we have learned a lot”

The community, “the smiles and a sense that we actually have people that want to care for us”

On behalf of AIM, I would like to say, “Or Kun (thank you)” to each of you for providing a space for us to serve together with you and to show my people how much Jesus loves and wants for Svay Park community. I believe we have also stolen your heart too, and hopefully we will see you all again. We will remember you!

Abundant Blessings,

Servant Sophy & Rahab’s House

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