Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cambodia Day Seven

Its Saturday night here and we're just getting home from a busy day. Today we went to the Agape Restoration Center and put on a Fourth of July party for the 60 girls who've been rescued from sex-trafficking. 60 girls who've experienced the horror and evil of sex-trafficking, but are in the process of being transformed by the love and healing of Jesus. It never ceases to amaze me that these bright, smiley, joyful girls have been through so much. Its a testimony of what love can do, especially the love of Jesus.

It was a day of music, dancing, pizza, games, crafts, cake and gifts. The girls sang, danced, laughed...but most importantly, felt treasured, loved and beautiful as we lavished on them.

Then we were lavished on at Bloom Cafe...a professional bakery where the girls from Agape learn the skills and creativity of professional cake decorating. The girls have made cakes for the highest officials in the government, including the King and the Prime Minister's daughter.

Our next visit of the day took us to Hard Places Boy's Home where we toured this new facility that will be a center of hope, healing and freedom for sexually exploited boys. We learned today that the little boys who scour the streets looking for customers to sell their basket of books to, have to meet a quota every day for their parents or pimps. If they don't make the quota, they are required to sell themselves for sex through the night. That heartbreaking truth compelled me to over-pay for a bracelet from one of these lads--a small, young one, in hopes that for this one, his quota would be met, at least for tonight.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we will leave for the 3 hour church service at the early hour of 7pm to arrive by the 7:30 start time. We'll be sharing in the service and singing for them. Afterwards we're putting on another lunch party for the staff at Rahab's House. Along with our team and the team from Hard Places, and Rahab's staff, we will be sharing lunch with 75 of our Cambodian and American brothers and sisters. Pizza, hamburgers and coke is on the menu...which the Cambodian's are very excited about. One of the girls at Rahab's house told me that she'd only had pizza one time in her life, and she's 28 years old.

Thankyou for your prayers. We have several sick with stomach issues due to the different food here. Please pray for strength and health as we prepare to start another busy week at Rahab's house.

Thank you...God's blessings on all of you at home!


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