Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cambodia Day Nine and Ten!

We've had a couple of very busy days here in Phnom Penh which is why I haven't had a chance to post an update. I've been enjoying the opportunity to teach trauma to the teachers in Svay Pak and the staff at the Hard Places Boy's home. Its been amazing to see God touch the hearts of the staff. As I teach them about trauma so they can help their students, God is using what I'm teaching to help them heal from their own trauma.

As a team we're starting to feel better from all our stomach issues as we adjust to the food here. We can't believe we just have two more days here in Cambodia. Monday we had dinner with Moses and Samantha, the original founders of AIM. Moses runs the church planting arm of AIM, and to date has planted over 1000 churches. Yes, you read correctly, 1000! He is the Billy Graham of Cambodia, and a modern Moses, leading his people to the Lord and the promised land. Before the Pol Pot regime in the 70s, Moses was high up in the military and government. He barely escaped with his life as the military and government people were first on Pol Pot's hit list. He came to America and was educated and then returned to Cambodia just 8 years ago and in that time has planted these 1000 churches.

Because of his contacts in government, Moses invited the Secretary of State, the Minister of Parliament, and the LT. Governor Adviser to the Ministry of the Interior to dinner with us. The Secretary of State expressed his appreciation to us for our love of the Cambodia children and our continued efforts to assist in helping rescue girls from the sex slave trade.

Thankyou for your prayers. This week we've had so much opportunity to bless the families at the Brick Factories with mosquito nets, shoes, school uniforms and school supplies, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste. Pray that these families will begin to trust Pastor Chantha and want to come to church to hear more about Jesus.

love and blessings,

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