Friday, July 1, 2011

Cambodia Day Six

It's rainy season here in Cambodia right now. We've had some tropical rain and thunderstorms here the last few days. Its really refreshing and I love letting the rain cool me off. Today I had a moto ride home in the rain. Pretty amazing! And scary!

I have a new job starting today in the afternoons. I'll be teaching trauma education to another mission group called Hard Places. I met the Director of this group two years ago on my first trip to Cambodia. She is the counselor who helped start the kids club program in Svay Pak. She then went on to become the head counselor at Agape's Restoration Center. But her dream has been to open a boys home to reach the sexually-exploited boys in Cambodia. Well her dream came true this past month with the opening of a new boy's home. She asked me to come and teach her staff trauma education, and help them learn some healing techniques for the boys. As well, educate them on how to help the boys with their on-going trauma. So every afternoon I'll be heading back into Phnom Penh from Svay Pak to spend two hours training her staff, and equipping them to help these children heal from their trauma.

My class had 16 people in it. It included four Khmer staff, plus two American staff as well as several American college students on a work mission trip. In addition we had a woman who works with some of the girls from the Agape Restoration Center. Also next week, I'll be teaching this trauma curriculum to the teachers in Svay Pak in the mornings. I'm really excited about this opportunity and ask you to pray for me that God will anoint my words, and give me wisdom and discernment as I teach them.

Its Friday night here and our team is feeling tired and drained. Please pray for renewed strength and rest this weekend. We have a busy weekend putting on a fourth of July party for the girls at the restoration center...these are the girls who've been rescued and live at the home for exploited girls.

Happy Birthday America! We celebrate with you on the other side of the world!
Love and blessings,

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  1. Oh Barb this is AMAZING!!!!! Praising Jesus for you and your gifting in Cambodia right now. I will be praying for the team!
    Love you!