Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pimps are finding Jesus

Something is different at kid's club this year...the pimps are coming. Yes you're reading this right. Right alongside the little children are their pimps. And not only are they coming to kid's club but they're coming to church too. And as they are hearing about Jesus they're changing. In the last few weeks, 3 pimps have stopped trafficking. The Pastor at Rahab's house found one of these young men a construction job that pays him $50 a month, a great reduction in pay for what he made transporting young girls.

Another set of twin boy pimps (young teens) used to be very bad boys, but recently they've begun to change...they're no longer selling drugs to the children, or running the girls.

Its amazing, first to see these teen boys singing, listening, coloring and enjoying kid's club alongside the little girls. But then to hear what God is beginning to change in them, how they're beginning to recognize that what they're doing is wrong and wanting to do what's right. That's what the love of Jesus does...loves the evil right out of us!

Every day is like that here...amazing stories of what God is doing. So grateful to be here and witness the miracles!



  1. Oh this is very good news! When the hearts of the abusers begin to change, it's freedom for all! And what a reminder of how the cycle of sin can be broken by a restoring God. Singing praises with you!

  2. And another singing praises here Too! Thank God for sending these couragous people on this mission. I pray the Lord will fill you all with the words to say, the love and comfort to give when needed, so they can see Christ through you all and hunger to have more.Thanks again for your commitment to live for Christ.

  3. AMAZING!!!!!
    Makes my heart sing!!!!!!