Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miracles happening in Cambodia

It's day 5 here in Cambodia for our team, and the end of the third day working out at Svay Pak. But it seems as if we've been here so much longer. Our team is amazing, and working so well together. And God has been faithful to bless us and use us already in small and great ways.

As a bigger team, we've been able to split up our efforts and accomplish so much more. The previous post has details on the various tasks of our team. And as the leader, I have so much more responsibility and details to take care of, and that takes up a lot of my free time, which is why I haven't blogged yet this time.

But the most amazing thing is seeing what God has been doing in just one year since I've been here. Rahab's house in Svay Pak has not only grown,but moved. Just a few doors down from last year's location, this new building is 5 stories high. It will house an apartment for the director's on the top, school rooms, a large church, computer lab, and a large area for a medical clinic downstairs, which is also the Pastor's family quarters.

Last year we had 50 kids coming to kid's club, this year they're getting 200-300 kids every day. In addition to kids club, they come for school, computer training, church and medicine. Rahab's house is now the central hub of Svay Pak bringing Jesus, love, hope, joy and peace to a place that was once only full of evil, pain and violence.

There is still sex-trafficking, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, neglect and poverty...but Jesus is changing Svay Pak from the inside out, starting with the children, then the adults, and last but not least, the pimps.

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