Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heading Back to Cambodia

It's been exactly a year since I was in Cambodia, yet Cambodia has never once been out of my mind. Many mornings as I get up to begin my day, my heart, thoughts and prayers turn to the young girls in Svay Pak. While I'm beginning my day, they're ending theirs and should be heading to bed...instead they're beginning their work...their sex work.

Most of the young girls (5 and up) who live in Svay Pak are sold by their parents at night for sex. They have no choice, they know no other life. And yet, Agape International Mission,( is a ministry committed to helping rescue and restore these helpless, victimized children, and they are making a difference. In addition to the home that houses 60 girls who've been rescued and are being loved and restored to wholeness, AIM is also right in the middle of Svay Pak, reaching out to the young girls who've yet to be rescued.

This year our team of fourteen, (5 guys and 9 gals) will be assisting AIM in a variety of the ministries they've begun in Svay Pak. In the mornings I'll be teaching newer staff about the impact of trauma and how to help love and support the young children currently in the middle of their trauma. In the afternoons, I'll be assisting our computer team in teaching local people the basics of computers.

Another part of our team will be working with the children of Svay Pak (many of whom are trafficked at night), in the mornings and afternoons putting on a kid's club. This is what we did last year...and so we get to be with those children again. Except, last year we had 50-60 kids, this year there's 200!

One of our guys will be working in the Lord's Gym that AIM runs to reach out to the pimps and men of Svay Pak. To work in the gym they have to attend the bible study, and so many are hearing about Jesus and turning their lives to Him.

Our medical couple will be running a medical clinic in the mornings and afternoons in Svay Pak. And then on their lunch break, they'll be going to 5 local brick factories that house and work adults and children. They'll be putting on health clinics for them, teaching them personal and dental hygiene and first aid.

We are so excited about all that God has for us in Cambodia. I'll blogging again and so I encourage you to send the link to all your friends so that we can make as many people aware of what's going on in Cambodia. God is doing amazing work here and around the world to fight against the injustice and evil of human trafficking and sex trafficking. It's such an awesome privilege and honor to be here and see what God is doing, and in a small way be a part of the miracles He's doing here!

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that God will strengthen and prepare us spiritually, emotionally and physically for the work He's provided for us to do.

Blessings, Barb

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  1. This is awesome! How I would love to help you with your work over there. My heart goes out to those victimized children, and to the lost...Praying God's blessings over you and praying for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit through you and those working alongside of you, to those you are ministering, too. Praying for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength for all of you as well. While it must be so exciting to see the transformation & to know the Lord is using you in such a way, I know it's heartbreaking as well. Thank you for having the courage, conviction, and compassion to reach out to the people there. Blessings,Susan