Saturday, June 26, 2010

Been up for over 36 hours!

Well we made it, and its been a long, tiring, exciting day. Its so amazing for me to be back in Cambodia. I really love it here! We arrived to rain...which was awesome! The rain cools things down immensely. After unpacking, we had an orientation session with Don Brewster as he talked to us about what we'll be doing.

He's very excited to have us here to build relationships, show the love of Jesus, and offer people basic kindnesses and needs. He shared a story of a young girl who was being raped every day by her pimp brother. In addition, she was being sold at night for sex. The girl came into Rahab's house for a couple of aspirin for a headache. Because the people there showed her love and kindness she came back the next day. Then she came to church. Then she came to know Jesus. And then, in time she shared with the Pastor here what was happening to her, and now she's living at AIM's restoration center. And as Don said, "It started with 2 aspirin." That's how amazing God is!

And that is just one story of countless others describing the miracles God is performing here every day. One is that last year we had approximately 40-50 kids every day. Now 160-200 come! Last year, the church had approximately 160 in attendance, today that number is over 500.

But there is darkness and evil too. Don estimates that there are more pre-pubescent girls being held in brothels than before, and although several attempts have been made, none of these girls have been rescued. Corrupt police succeed in hiding the girls before IJM can get in the house to recover them. In addition, the girls who do want to go free, often go back to their pimps because he's all they have in this world. Also disapointing is that although last year we had free reign to travel into the alleyways and homes in Svay Pak, this year, the sex maffia stop Rahab's staff from going into these places.

Even more disturbing is the picture of two young boys, both of whom had come to kid's club last may have been 10 the other 8. These boys at this young age raped a 9 year old girl in Svay Pak just 2 weeks ago. From one generation to the next, impacting with unspeakable evil younger and younger children.

But the most amazing news is that God is working! And His work continues to multiply and grow and expand and make a difference in the lives of so the life of a whole community and soon to change a country.

Its just so wonderful to be invited to partner with God in this great work of rescue and redemption. "For if the Son sets us free, we are free indeed..." God is setting children free, parents free, a whole community free...and it all started with one Roseville, Ca couple being willing to say, "here we are Lord, Use us." I dare you to pray that prayer...your life will never be the same!

til more stories to tell:)! Goodnight...I'm falling asleep at the keyboard!


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  1. Remember that Satan will ramp up his efforts as Jesus' light shines in the darkness! If Satan's minions are more controlling this year, it's only because the work of Jesus is increasing in Svay Pak.

    My heart breaks for the boys who learned of Jesus' love last year and are raping girls this year. I probably have their picture on my refrigerator... I'm praying for you! Try to stay cool and sweat free. Big hugs to Panha, Veasnah, Don, Bridget, Pastor Chantah, Boontah, and all the kids! I REALLY hope you get to see Kim Loi, Oun, Pea, and Hua. Love you!