Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Three At The United Nations

Today I met a woman, her name is Helene Oord at the coffee shop. When I asked her where she was from, she said The Kingdom of God. So we started talking. She was a little hard to understand but I found out that she worked for Trinity Broadcast Network, a national Christian broadcasting company. She was also involved in several groups around New York area, and was having dinner with the Governor of New York that evening. Then she invited me to a prayer meeting with UN staff members and Diplomats that they had every Wednesday at noon. After giving her my books and telling her what God has been doing, she wanted me to come and share with her prayer group.
Just before noon, I had two amazing experiences. First I talked with the Minister of Health from Zambia, a Christian woman. I shared with her my message and books, and she was so grateful. We exchanged business cards, and she asked if I would be willing to come to Zambia to speak to the people there.
Then, we had an invitation to meet with the Delegates from Iraq. They were two Christian men who spoke with us about the issue of abortion in Iraq. But it was amazing to hear them talk about God, and also how much they appreciate the American people for coming to rescue their country from the tyranny of the oppressive government. One of them was a translator for the American military and he shared how he wore the American uniform, and loved the American men and women soldiers. They allowed us to video tape some of our discussion, but when he talked about this, he asked that we turn off the videotape.
I left that meeting early to run over to the prayer meeting. I didn’t have much time with them, but although the group started out small it grew to about 30 people. I had the opportunity to share what God was doing, and give the vice-president of the group my books. But the amazing thing was that as we were praying, about 15 Christian college students came in from the University of Georgia. They were in New York on a mission. So they got to hear what I shared as well.
But the highlight of my day was going to the taping of Sarah Palin’s brand new show called Real American Stories. And this was the debut show...we were the very first audience. While we waited to enter the studio, I brought two of my I signed to Bristol, Sarah’s daughter, and the other one to Sarah. Her assistant said she would take them right in to her as she getting ready to film. But she also told us that Sarah would not have time to speak with us after as she was heading right to the airport. But afterwards, she hung around and after she had talked to many people and the studio crew were shooing us out, I ran up by her, and she saw me, put out her hand to shake mine. I then said, ‘I’m the one who gave you the two books, one I signed for Bristol.” She seemed to know what I was talking about and said, “Thank you for what you’re doing.” Then we exchanged some, “God bless yous.” It was amazing. I really felt like we had made a connection.
So it was an amazing day of God opening doors beyond my wildest imagination. I had the opportunity to talk to many people, hand out my books, and share my story. I found that everyone connected with the reality of sexual bonding and healing.
Now tomorrow, our team has an invitation to speak with the US Delegation. But only 15 people are allowed in, and since I’m new here, and no one really knows me, I was not chosen to be one of the fifteen. I told Molly, the Director of Women for Life that I’d love to go if it was possible. So I’m praying if its one of God’s divine appointments that I’m able to attend. If not, then He has someone else for me to connect with.
Thanks again for all of those praying for me. I really feel your prayers. And God is moving and doing a great work here. More tomorrow!


  1. Shouldn't you be praying for Sarah to spend more time with her Down Syndrome child who truly needs her?

  2. Barb, your mom share with the ladies bible study that your were in New York and she showed us this blog. I have now added you to my list of blogs to read regularly. What an amazing opportunity God has given you. He is truly bringing glory to Him through your brokeness. I am looking forward to seeing where He is going to lead you and how He will use you for His glory. (M. Fisher)

  3. Forwarding you all blessings. Greetings from Sister Helene: Helene H. Oord Ministries Int'l