Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day One and Two at the United Nations

Our first day at the United Nations Status of Women Conference started very early. We arrived at the entrance to the United Nations just before the 8am opening. Once in line we began the registration process to receive picture passes to the building. The servers were down and so it was two hours later before we had the photo passes and were able to enter the conference hall where the delegates roamed.
My first day was a learning curve, watching, listening, and following the lead of my team members who’ve been here before. We talked to many women passing out flyers regarding our workshops on the impact of abortion on women, emotionally, and psychologically as well as the growing evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer.

I had the opportunity to meet a Member of Parliament for Namibia in South Africa. I was able to discuss my work with women and healing from their sexual past and give them my books. I also attended a meeting in the main conference room that has all the seats for the countries and the listening devices for translations.
One disappointment here is that the workshop Pam Stenzel and I were supposed to do was bumped by another group on our team and so we will not be speaking. But I am trusting that God has other reasons for me being here. A praise is that I have been given the opportunity to attend a studio taping of the Huckabee show with Sarah Palin hosting. I’d love to be able to give her one of my books, and am praying that God will give me an opportunity to do that.

Day Two
Today was an amazing day of opportunities. I attended a workshop put on by a group from Nigeria on the violence against women there. Afterwards I talked with several women from different countries in Africa and they were devouring all my materials, books, CDs, and brochures. The women of Africa are particularly anxious to have resources to help their women and are very open to our message.
I also spoke in length to a woman who works with the Family Research Council, a pro-life, pro-family political lobby group in Washington. They have amazing influence on legislature in support of marriage, life and family. She was eager to take my books as well and spread the word through her contacts and blogs.
But the highlight of my day was being able to share some of my testimony today in one of our workshops. We had some people who were somewhat hostile to our message but when we started sharing our testimonies you could see a softening from them. I praise God for giving me the words to share.
In only two days God has given me many divine appointments and opportunities to share with others. One of the greatest blessings is my team members. I’m here with doctors, lawyers, other speakers, leaders of international ministries, etc., and I can see God giving me contacts and open doors to spread His message of healing and truth.
Thank you so much for praying. Getting time to blog has been much harder than I imagined. We literally are gone from early morning until evening, and then meet as a team every evening from 9pm until 11 or midnight.
I’ll write again tomorrow and tell you all about the show! We’re also meeting the delegates from Israel tomorrow, and we have appointments to meet with the delegates from the US on Thursday.
Blessings, Barb


  1. I'm so glad for your divine appointments. When you share your own experience, you become a real person and not just member of the pro-life lobby. And having lived in Africa, I can well-imagine your materials getting a ready welcome there. I'm so glad to see God using you in this way.

  2. You may even make a deeper impact on influential people with one-on-one discussions than you would in a large presentation setting...who knows? God does! He has you there for a Divine purpose!