Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cambodia Day Three!

Today was a better day in Svay Pak for all the team. It takes that first day for everyone to get used to the new faces and for us to adjust to how things are done here. I had the opportunity to work in the medical clinic diagnosing and treating patients. I know, that's scary! But we had a doctor and nurse to consult with plus a list of things to ask and common ailments.
Each of us had a translator. I caught on fairly fast to the protocol and really began to enjoy myself.
There are several common problems here all associated with poor eating, dehydration, vitamin deficiency and sexually transmitted diseases. The conditions I saw that would never be allowed to exist in America were heart-breaking. There is no health care here. Everything costs money and so people suffer for years with common, curable ailments.
But they come by the dozens and they come for miles to Rahab's clinic. Many travel past other free clinics just to come here. Why? "Because at Rahab's house they feel better," they say. They feel love and hope and are treated with genuine care and dignity.
They all hear about Jesus, the One, True Healer. Many are prayed over, everyone prayed for. But all leave touched by the hands of Jesus through those who serve at Rahab's house.
I read of a man who prayed every day that he would see Jesus. One day a knock on his door revealed a dirty, ragged, sick, and scraggly old man. He wreaked of alcohol, human odor and days of filth. He was homeless, broken and penniless. As he stood there looking at this man he heard His Savior say, "You wanted to see Me. Now you have."

Today I had a glimpse of Jesus in these precious people. I got a glimpse of the burden He bears for them, and the love He feels. Even more amazing is that Jesus would be willing to let me see Him in them today, and share His burden for them with me.

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