Friday, June 26, 2009

Cambodia 2009

Today I leave for Cambodia. My first mission trip. I'm both excited and nervous. Working with Agape International,, my team and I will be having an impact in the lives of young children, girls especially, who are currently involved in the sex slave trade. As well, we'll have an opportunity to work with a house full of girls who've been rescued and are now being restored by Agape.

Its hard to imagine this evil going on day after day, with everyone knowing, and no one doing anything to stop it, but rather encouraging and profiting from it. Here in America we have no frame of reference for this. Yes, I know its happening here, but thankfully its neither accepted, encouraged or allowed. Not so in Cambodia. Everyone is involved; family, friends, police, tourists...there is no where to escape from it. It is your destiny if your family is poor.

I don't know what to expect, which is part of the excitement and nervousness...the heat, humidity, fatigue, poverty, in addition to this evil makes me nervous because I sense I'm journeying to the pit of hell. But I'm also excited, because I know that God is there--right in the midst of this hell. He is already working. He's merely invited me to witness and participate in what He's already doing. I'm excited to see Him at work in ways I could never imagine, and possibly never witness here in our land of freedom and plenty.

You can take this journey with me as I blog about the trip in the days to come and view the pictures and videos we'll be uploading to our site. In addition to this site, you may also want to visit our website, www.cambodia2009.

The adventure begins...stay tuned.

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