Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Joining God in Cambodia

I never imagined that when God began to take me on this journey of leading others through sexual healing from their pasts that He would open my eyes to a terrible evil that grieves Him greatly--the sex slave trade. Second only to drug smuggling in crime profit and tied with arms smuggling, human trafficking preys on 800,000 people a year globally--most of whom are children, young boys and girls used for the sex trade.

This June, along with 8 others from my home church, I'll be heading to Cambodia, a hub for the sex slave trade. Working with Agape Ministries, www.aim4asia.com, we'll be helping minister to the young children currently being trafficked, and those who've been rescued. As we head into some of the poorest villages, home to brothels, sex traffickers and sex tourists worldwide, we'll have a front row seat to the evil that we can only imagine, but is the day-in-day-out reality for those victim to it.

I don't know what to expect. I don't know how I'll process the evil I'm about to witness. I have no frame of reference. How will I love on the youngest, most vulnerable child in the day, knowing that as I say goodbye, they'll be brutally ravaged that night? Even more, how will I ever be able to leave them all behind when I return home.

I have no answers for these questions. For now, all I know is that God is in Cambodia. He sees the evil. He hears the cry of the abused, the 'least of these'. And He's invited me to join Him there. To witness not only the evil, but how He is working in the middle of it all. We're going to a poor, dirty place, more evil than we can image, and God is already there.

I'm not sure how God will use me, but I'm sure of this--I will not come home the same person as when I left. I will never see life the same again. I will never see God the same again. And I can't wait.

You can find out more about my ministry on my website at www.barbarawilson.org., follow our team's mission at www.cambodia2009.com, or find out how you can join God in Cambodia through supporting me by emailing me at bwilson@barbarawilson.org.

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