Thursday, April 19, 2012

I just had a new grandson! He was born April 5th, 2012 and his name is Isaac Jeffrey Wilson. Here he is with his big brother, George. Aren't they precious?! I'm visiting them right now and helping take care of these two little guys and their Mommie. I'm having an awesome time.

Isaac is our fourth grandchild. We also have two precious girls, Cecilia and Aurora. I used to listen to new grandparents talk about how awesome grandchildren are and what a special time of life it was. At the time I thought, "It sounds great, but I can wait. I'm too young yet to be a grandmother." But now that I am one I can testify that everything others said about being a grandparent is true! And with each new one, God pours out more love for them in me. 

I loved being a Mom. I loved my children and devoted my life to caring for them and raising them. I love my children as adults too. It's so fun having a new, expanded relationship with them. But I was completely unprepared for how much I would love my grandchildren. 

I often joke that God's reward for not killing our kids is the gift of grandchildren. In jest I'm referring to those moments when our kids are driving us crazy and we secretly wonder 'why did I have kids again?' I know you've felt that way too at some honest! 

But in our age of unlimited abortions, unwanted children are killed every day around the world...44 million worldwide every year, all because they weren't wanted. And as I reflect on my comment I realize that tragically its true. We are killing our children and because of that we won't be rewarded with the grandchildren we could have had.  An unwanted child aborted today will result in a lost grandchild tomorrow. Unfortunately by the time we realize what we could have had, it will be too late.

Here's the bottom line--every life is precious; whether its wanted or not. And grandchildren are one of God's greatest gifts to parents who choose life for their children.


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  1. hello Barbara....just saw you on 100 Huntley today and checked out your web site. Now your blog........and am very thankful that I have found you and your books. Lately The Lord has been showing me how many folks out there are so broken--sexually showing me that I am not the only one. Needed direction and today My Lord got me to turn the tv on and there you were. Thank you........I will get back to you with updates but for now I must get some of your literature. God BLess!!