Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 Yr. Old Model's Grown Up Look--cute or sexy?

PHOTO: Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau appears with adult look in Parisian issue of Vogue.

Does she look 10 to you? I saw little girls like this in Cambodia. They would come all dressed up, with makeup and jewelry to the kid's club. They were petite, innocent, yet looked older than their years. The parents were preparing to sell them for sex, and this was how they'd dress them up to entice men to want to buy them.

Child pornography has fueled the market for little girls to be dressed as sex objects--and the sexualization of our girls. Just look at the clothing line marketed to little girls today. With a 3 yr. old granddaughter, I've seen what's out there, and its alarming. And yet, in the name of fashion and art, it all appears innocent and acceptable? Or not.

All I know is that pornography is progressive. It leads to increasingly more perverse and hardcore porn, including the most evil--child porn. Adults having sex with children, children having sex together. And studies show that people who view pornography are more likely to act out sexually, use prostitutes, buy children for sex, traffic children for sex, and abuse children. You can rationalize it all you want, but the truth is child porn is fueling child sexual abuse, and the sexualization of our children. And what we see here is a result of that.

In my opinion, this ten year old isn't a model, she's a victim.


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