Friday, July 3, 2009

60 girls held captive within our sight

Its Saturday today. We're going to Agape today to put on a fourth of July party for the girls there. We're excited to meet them. There are 55 girls living there who've been rescued from the sex slave trade. Agape provides a safe home and the love and healing touch of God to help restore these girls. Many of them go on to help rescue and restore others like them.

Yesterday was an exciting day at Rahab's house. The children are so excited to see us when we come. They run to the van and jump into our arms and smother us with kisses. They are the most precious children, in need of so much love and affection, and to know that someone deeply cares for them.

We had the opportunity to walk through the village yesterday with the children and found out where many of them live. That's important, because when there are raids by International Justice Mission, the police are so corrupt they often help hide the girls and if we don't know where they live we can't go and get them.

Right across the street from Rahab's house is a brothel filled with what they believe are 60 girls who are held hostage there night and day. These are girls who are trafficked from other parts of Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. There have been raids there to rescue the girls, but again the police often work to get the girls out the back and keep them from being rescued. Don Brewster, the Director of Agape House, quoted us some statistics the other day: 91% of sex workers (young and old--all trafficked) have to pay the police money. 75% of the sex workers have had sex with police officers and over 50% have been gang raped by police officers. So unfortunately, there is no one here to protect or rescue these girls.

But yesterday a miracle happened. The girls from the brothel are never let out, yet two girls came out of the brothel and came to Rahab's house. We convinced them to come in and play with us and do a craft. They said they might come back next week. They're older, maybe 16. Please pray for them.

One little girl who came yesterday, the counselor said is sold every night for vaginal sex. Often she has to stand for crafts because she's so sore. I watched her walk. She walks with her legs apart. She's very little--she looks maybe 5 or 6. Another little girl came all dolled up with makeup. She was also very little, maybe 5. We're worried about her. We have come to know what that means.

Remember Hooa? She's coming but she's changed. She's lost some of her life, her smile, her spark. She's more subdued, somber. And she always complains of being sick, a stomache, headache, throwing up. The counselor believes this is psychosomatic. Physical symptoms brought about by the emotional trauma she is going through. Please pray for her.

One week down, one more to go. We're becoming more attached to the children. It makes us more in love with what we're doing and I know it will be hard to leave. But please also pray for me. I don't think my sinus infection is healing well and I have a terrible rash from the heat. I think I'm allergic to it. The rash covers my chest and neck all the way to my chin. Its sore and very itchy.

Thank you for reading my blog and praying, and passing it on to others.
Many blessings,

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  1. Dear Barb,
    I believe God is using your blog to open up all of our eyes to the worse kind of suffering and inhumanity. I will continue to pray for "your" very special children. My prayers are also with you Barb--for God to heal your sinus infection and rash. I so admire your sacrifice and commitment. With love and blessings, Deb